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How much are Polish Sworn Translations?

Sworn translations, also known as certified translations, are a specialized type of translation service exclusively performed by authorized individuals. These translations typically involve converting official documents such as notarial acts, contracts, certificates, diplomas, and court rulings.

So, how much does a sworn translation cost, and where can one avail of such services? We will delve deeper into this in the following sections.

What Exactly Are Sworn Translations?

Sworn translations are a specialized form of translation that is legally validated and authenticated by a sworn translator. These translations are characterized by:

  • An official certificate confirming the translator's authorization, meaning they have received official permission from relevant governmental bodies or institutions to perform such translations.
  • The translator’s seal and signature on each document serve as a testament to the translation’s accuracy and the translator’s accountability for its content.
  • Fidelity to the original text, ensuring the translations are true to the source content and comprehensible to the recipient.
  • Legal and authentic status, making sworn translations official documents that are admissible in courts, governmental offices, and other institutions.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Sworn Translations

Several factors directly impact the cost of sworn translations. These include the source and target languages, with the popularity or rarity of a particular language pair significantly affecting the service's price. The complexity of the source text also plays a role; specialized terminologies and intricate sentence structures demand more effort, raising the cost. Additionally, the text’s length and the urgency of the translation can influence the final price. Sworn translations may also require authentication, especially for documents like notarial acts and court rulings.

How Much Does a Sworn Translation Cost? In Summary

The prices for sworn translations can vary, depending on several factors. This specific type of translation is essential in many situations involving legal formalities. The quickest way to ascertain the cost of sworn translations is to contact POZENA Multilingual Professional Language Center, where we offer top-tier services.

At POZENA, we provide both traditional paper-based sworn translations and modern sworn translations with a digital signature ("podpis kwalifikowany"), delivered electronically. We warmly invite you to reach out!

Embark on a seamless communication and legal compliance journey with POZENA Multilingual, where quality, precision and professionalism converge to meet your diverse translation needs.

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