Multilingual Services

Translation Agency

We offer expert translation solutions for all types of content, including files, media, software, websites, videos, graphics, and more. Our secure content handling and smart integration options make us the trusted choice for multilingual solutions for enterprise, institutional, governmental, and professional clients worldwide.

With our combination of cutting-edge technology, project management skills, and polite service, we are the best answer to your translation needs. More...

Interpretation Services

Our skilled interpreters are fluent in multiple languages and excel at cross-cultural communication.

We understand the demanding role of interpreters in events of all sizes and offer tailored interpretation services for small meetings and major conferences alike, online or on-site, for your on-demand and regular needs. More...

Polish Language School for Enterprise

We offer effective Polish language training for corporate clients available worldwide, primarily online. We specialize in Polish as a Foreign Language, delivered in English or German. We provide tangible benefits and measurable ROI. We deliver learning pathways designed for your individual learners. We take care of corporate admin related to service procurement. 

We also teach foreign languages to corporate Polish speakers. We provide measurable and tangible results. More...

Machine Learning Linguistics for AI

Our multilingual data annotation services meet the growing demand for corporate AI development.

We assemble teams of language experts, annotators, and processors to clean your source corpora and train your AI models and chatflows with accurate, quality content in multiple languages and dialects.

Our natural language processing, data annotation, and machine learning capabilities can unlock the potential of multilingual data. We also offer specialized services in various linguistic fields. More...