Language Training for Enterprise


Intensive Language Training

With our specialized methodology oversight and university-level professional lecturing teams, our "total immersion" schedules aim to quickly bring the participant up to their desired level of fluency.

Individual Language Training

Experience personalized language training with a custom program tailored to your needs as a corporate learner. Enjoy the flexibility and progress required to succeed in your dynamic organizational setting.

Language Training in Teams

Elevate your business reach with powerful language training sessions designed for small corporate groups, our personalized programs, the included comprehensive administration, and client reporting. Online globally, online & onsite in Poland. 

Language Competence Testing

Language Competence Testing is there to assess the fluency of individuals and teams in order to provide valuable HR insights, or guide recruitment decisions, and help design training programs that address specific needs.


Professional Language Training for My Teams?

Discuss your professional corporate language training requirements.


What makes a professional language course for enterprise? 




We understand the client

.For us, an absolute prerequisite for properly functioning a language training program is to understand that the customer is the organization that pays for it. All decisions about language courses in the company result from this fact. 

The organization allocates a budget that defines the desired effect of the long-term investment; the organization receives regular reports on the course of the program (attendance) and the results obtained (audits) and responds to the results received. 

The students - the organisation's employees - are the direct beneficiaries of our professional language course program, according to the demand and program definition made by the client. 


Awareness of customer needs

Professional organizations have specific requirements and expectations for language courses. Understanding the client's needs is key to developing an effective program of language courses. This involves identifying areas where participants need development, such as written communication, presentation, negotiation or language skills related to the industry and position.

Analyzing the needs of the client's organization allows us to develop an effective training program. Only then will we launch a reliable program when we agree with the client on the details of the demand and agree on the optimal plan to meet that demand?


Regular testing and reporting

From the initial audit of each candidate participant to determine that person's individual program goals and invite them to the right group, through regular testing and reporting of results to the client on the universal European scale - the key to success is only measurable results, obtained only through understandable parameters. 

Monitoring the progress of language trainees is essential to assess the program's effectiveness. Regular testing and reporting of results allows for ongoing evaluation of the company's return on investment in language courses and decision-making regarding further development of participants' language skills.


Supportive administrative solutions

We understand the client's HR administration requirements. We know corporate HR procedures and how time-consuming they are. That's why we offer regular reporting of ROI results and, more importantly, comprehensive management of the ongoing language training program. We perform many useful activities for this purpose, including the following.

  • organizing the schedule of individual and group courses 
  • management of the training venue (online platform, rooms in client offices, rooms in city centers)
  • monitoring and reporting attendance of participants
  • managing the schedule of individual periodic audits (exams)
  • dedicate a POZENA Language Center account manager, one person responsible for the overall cooperation and success of the client

Exhaustive range of modern products

We will offer any type and format of language course that will address the client's expressed needs. These will be ultra-intensive language training (more than 60 hours per week), specialized training for various industries, individual training that runs in small groups, training in any language, at any location in Poland, or online, or hybrid -combining in-person and online language classes.  


Looking after individual students, on a scale

Thanks to our experience in the comprehensive implementation of language training programs for organizations, we provide each participant with an individualized language learning plan, including the goals to be achieved in the current period and how to achieve the set goals set by the trainer.

This may sound trivial - but not everyone knows how to do it if you realize that we are talking about potentially hundreds of participants for each client, and each client is the most important.


Professional methodological supervision

At POZENA Multilingual, our team of experienced methodologists takes charge of designing audits and language training courses, as well as closely supervising their progress and ensuring the quality of our lecturers' work. This meticulous approach guarantees the delivery of high-quality language courses that align with our clients' goals and fulfil our commitments to them.

Professional methodological supervision is crucial in developing effective language courses for organizations. Our experienced methodologists not only develop comprehensive curricula based on the goals and needs of our corporate clients, but also monitor the quality of training, employ modern teaching methods, and provide relevant teaching materials. This ensures that our language courses are effective and meet the highest quality standards.


Selected and skillfully managed lecture team

A crucial aspect of developing an effective language training program for professional organizations is establishing a highly skilled and carefully managed team of lecturers.

Our selection process for trainers is meticulous and reliable, consisting of no less than five rigorous stages. We prioritize the recruitment of experienced lecturers who possess exceptional language competence, a high level of personal culture, and the ability to engage with business clients effectively. These qualities are essential for the success of any corporate language course. By meticulously selecting our lecturers and continually evaluating their performance, we ensure the delivery of high-quality teaching that aligns with our clients' goals.

Managing our team of lecturers involves comprehensive planning of schedules, aligning lecturers with participants' specific needs, and accommodating any requests for lecturer changes made by our clients. This meticulous approach guarantees that our language training program operates smoothly and efficiently.


Teach Your Teams Foreign Languages

Unlock the potential of your teams with our professional corporate language training. Let us help you tailor a program that meets your specific needs. Schedule a free consultation today.


Professional language training the POZENA way



Why professional language courses for companies are important?

In the age of globalization, the ability to communicate effectively in foreign languages is essential for business success. Corporate clients are looking for professional language training for growing groups of participants to help the organization gain and maintain a competitive edge. 

 POZENA offers a full range of services designed to meet the needs of corporate clients, such as the following:

  • Language training courses at all levels
  • Individual and group courses
  • Online and in-person training
  • Specialized, industry-specific training
  • Professional management of the overall cooperation program

Customers value POZENA's language services due in part to our understanding of their needs and delight in responding to them. 


What practical language teaching is all about

Professional language training is about learning grammar and vocabulary and the practical application of language skills in real business situations. POZENA Language Center offers language training designed to apply the knowledge gained quickly:

  • Business communication training
  • Negotiation and presentation training
  • Training in writing professional documents such as reports, emails and contracts
  • Training in professional applications, such as legal, technical or medical

This translates into comprehensive and effective training that allows corporate clients to acquire the necessary language skills needed to conduct business internationally.


Individual versus group courses - how do I choose the right form of language training for my business?


We offer both individual and group courses, allowing clients to choose the form of training that best meets the needs of individual participants and the allocated budget. 

Personal training allows for greater schedule flexibility, a more personalized approach to the participant, customization of pace and materials to meet the needs of a single individual, and a focus on specific skills that will be particularly relevant.

Our excellent "total immersion" language training, which can include more than 50 hours of study per week and will teach the language to anyone in a couple of months, including training in Polish as a foreign language, is delivered in a one-on-one format only, where a single participant works with a five-person methodological and teaching team. 

On the other hand, our group courses - offered only in small groups - provide the opportunity to learn in a larger group, which allows us to develop communication skills, exchange experiences, and build business relationships, while radically saving the client's budget. 


Online vs. onsite training - how to choose the best option?


Modern technologies allow learning foreign languages in both traditional on-site and online forms. POZENA Multilingual offers both of these forms of training, as well as a hybrid form that combines both ways. 

Fixed language training provides direct contact with the teacher, which may promote comfort in participation in some people's perception.

Fixed training sessions can be held at the client's premises or in convenient Class A locations in city centres. Naturally, they involve a much higher cost  - the use of rooms, the logistics of lecturers (time and cost of transportation), and the increased cost of more complex administration - which may be worth it in the client's perception and response to the expressed need. 

Online training enables learning from anywhere and at any time, which is particularly beneficial for corporate clients with a wide geographic spread or limited time to attend training. Online training courses, whether individual or in small groups are similar to routine professional video meetings, in which participants can have hundreds of hours of experience. They also combine for the customer with an extremely attractive price, not including unnecessary logistics costs of any kind. That's why, in the last few years, we've seen online language training make up most products, including complex plans for hundreds of employees. 


Specialized, industry-specific training

Corporate clients often look for language training tailored to their industry's specifics. POZENA Language Center offers such training, focusing programs on specialized vocabulary, terminology and business practices. Examples of such training include:

  • Legal language training
  • Technical language training
  • Language training in medical language
  • Language training in financial and banking language

Through this, trainees gain language skills and expertise to understand better and communicate in their field.


Professional training project management

Corporate clients need effective training in project management to ensure their goals are achieved on time and as expected. The JPozen Language Center attaches great importance to professional project management, taking care of key aspects of training programs such as the following. 

  • Developing individual training plans for each participant
  • Monitoring participant progress in the form of regular audits
  • Providing the client with regular reports on training attendance and effectiveness
  • Gathering feedback on the work of the lecturers and adjusting the training to the client's needs during the course

This allows client organizations to see their investment in language training deliver the expected results.


Certified language training and exams


One aspect of professional language training important to corporate clients is the opportunity to obtain international certificates confirming foreign language proficiency.

One aspect of professional language training important to corporate clients is the opportunity to obtain international certificates confirming foreign language proficiency.

As expressed in the needs analysis, formal diplomas from independent organizations are a cost and may or may not be a goal or part of the POZENA Language Center program. We discuss this issue individually with the organization in the training planning process. 

The POZENA Language Center offers training to prepare for many language exams, such as:

  • TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication)
  • CAL (Cambridge Language Assessment)
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera)
  • DALF (Diplôme approfondi de langue française)

International independent language certification, proving advanced language skills, can occur among formal requirements for certain positions in an organization or open the way to career-friendly international staff transfers.


Access to modern materials and technologies.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching materials is key in professional language training. At POZENA, we prioritize giving trainees access to the latest tools and resources that facilitate language learning. Our offerings include immersive e-learning platforms, user-friendly mobile applications, engaging multimedia materials such as videos, presentations, audio recordings, and interactive games and simulations. Providing access to these materials and technologies enhances trainees' motivation and ensures a more effective and enjoyable language learning experience.


Experienced lecturers who know how to work with business clients

Corporate clients expect not only high-quality language training but also the expertise of experienced and knowledgeable staff. At POZENA, we exceed these expectations by employing qualified lecturers with language proficiency and extensive business and industry competence. This unique combination allows our lecturers to fully understand the needs of our participants and deliver practical and effective training. Rest assured, our highly qualified staff ensures an exceptional learning experience.


Language Training for Enterprise

Unlock the potential of your teams with our professional corporate language training. Let us help you tailor a program that meets your specific needs. Schedule a free consultation today.


Professional language training: frequently asked questions

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