Polish Language Training for Enterprise


Polish as a foreign language training for organizations


At the heart of our operations, POZENA Multilingual strives to stand as a beacon of excellence and innovation in enterprise training for Polish as a foreign language.

Our unique approach transcends the typical boundaries of language instruction, offering a holistic and immersive Polish learning experience that we believe is second to none. With a steadfast commitment to quality and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the Polish language, we craft educational journeys that are both enriching and effective.

Our foundation is built upon a robust framework of pedagogical expertise, where each course is meticulously designed to meet the precise needs of our clients. This is not a one-size-fits-all program but rather a bespoke learning experience tailored to the individual goals and requirements of each organization and its employees. Whether it’s mastering the nuances of Polish for a specific industry or developing the confidence to engage in complex business negotiations, our programs are structured to deliver tangible results.

What sets POZENA apart is our unwavering dedication to teaching and engaging with our students. Our rigorous and dynamic methodological supervision ensures that our curriculum remains relevant, engaging, and on the cutting edge of language education. Our experienced methodologists work with our teaching staff, providing regular feedback and updates to refine teaching strategies and course content. This symbiotic relationship between methodology and instruction is the backbone of our success, guaranteeing that our courses are effective, enjoyable, and truly beneficial.

Our teaching staff is the pride of POZENA. Each instructor is a certified Polish teacher and a specialist in their field, bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for teaching to our classrooms. Their expertise matches their enthusiasm for language and learning, creating a vibrant and supportive learning environment. Our teachers are adept at navigating the complexities of language instruction, making learning Polish an engaging, rewarding, and, most importantly, successful endeavour.

Here, you will find more than just a language product; you will discover a partner in your linguistic journey. A partner that values excellence, embraces innovation, and is committed to realising your Polish language goals. Join us and be part of a learning experience that redefines what it means to learn Polish, tailored precisely to the needs of the modern professional and their organization.


Benefits of Polish language courses for organizations

Our training offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Flexible programs tailored to the specific needs of your company.
  • Training by experienced Polish teachers in Polish, English or German as the base language. 
  • Onsite (in client's meeting rooms), online or hybrid
  • Focus on the practical application of language in a business context.



Professional Polish Training
for your organization

 We will be delighted to discuss your corporate requirements for professional Polish Language training. Please schedule your free consultation today.


Learning Polish the POZENA way


Each organization will have unique Polish language training requirements for non-native colleagues who require it for specific purposes.

At POZENA, we analyze the requirements closely with the client's HR. We recognize key areas of development, such as written communication, presentations, negotiations, grammar and specific language skills related to the industry and position.

We create training programs that effectively teach foreigners the Polish language and are efficient, maximizing the client's return on investment.


Regular testing and reporting of results

We believe the key to success is results that can be measured.

  • Initial audit and regular testing: We conduct an initial audit to identify individual program goals, then regularly test and report the results, monitoring students' progress according to the European Language Scale.
  • Return on investment assessment: Regular reports allow clients to assess the effectiveness of their language training investments and make informed decisions about further developing their language skills.


Comprehensive management of Polish training

We understand that HR procedures can be time-consuming for clients. That's why we offer a complete package that includes various administrative activities. 

  • Schedule and attendance management: We organize and plan individual and group training, monitor attendance and manage the schedule of periodic audits.
  • Customer care: A dedicated POZENA account manager ensures consistency and success of cooperation.


Full range of Polish language courses for companies

We offer comprehensive Polish language training tailored to our clients' needs and budgets. Our programs include, among others:

  • Ultra-intensive Polish language courses: Perfect for clients who need quick results.
  • Industry training in Polish: Specialized courses for finance, law or health care sectors.
  • Individual and group Polish language programs: Personalized learning experiences, offering training in various formats - face-to-face, online and hybrid.

Professional Polish Training
for Your Organization

 We will be delighted to discuss your corporate requirements for professional Polish Language training. Please schedule your free consultation today.


Professional Polish language training:
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POZENA ATC Supplier of the Year

The kindness and appreciation expressed by clients daily bring us immense joy. Feedback shapes our formula and motivates us to strive for continuous improvement, learning and effort.

We are incredibly proud when our daily work leads to prestigious global recognition. POZENA Multilingual was recently Commended at the grand annual gala of the Association of Translation Companies, one of the world's preeminent language industry organizations. We are immensely thankful for this gesture of peer recognition.