Polish Language Training for Enterprise


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Intensive Polish Training

With our specialized methodology oversight and university-level professional lecturing teams, our "total immersion" schedules aim to quickly bring the students up to their desired level of fluency in Polish.

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Individual Polish Training

Experience personalized foreign language training with a custom training program tailored to your needs as a corporate learner. Enjoy the flexibility and progress required to succeed in your dynamic organizational setting.

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Polish Training in Groups

Elevate your business reach with powerful language training sessions designed for small corporate groups, our personalized programs, the included comprehensive administration, and client reporting. Online globally, or online & on-site in Poland. 

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Polish Competence Testing

Polish-as-a-Foreign-language Testing is there to assess the Polish fluency competency of individuals and teams, provide valuable HR insights, guide recruitment decisions, and help design training programs that address specific needs.


Professional Polish Language Training
for Your Organization

 We will be delighted to discuss your corporate requirements for professional language training in Poland. Please schedule your free consultation today.


Learning Polish the POZENA Way 

At POZENA Multilingual, we understand the corporate environment

First and foremost, our absolute prerequisite for a successful corporate Polish language training programme is the understanding that the organization is the client. We serve the enterprise market. We do not teach consumers.

Client's HR Organisation allocates the budget and defines the desired effect of the long-term investment in language training; the organisation then receives updates on the proceedings and interim results of their Programs. 

The Polish learners - the organisation's employees - are the direct beneficiaries of POZENA's professional training programme, according to the definition of the programme decided by the client. 


We are mindful of clients' needs

Commercial organisations have specific requirements and expectations regarding their Polish language training programme. Understanding those needs is key to planning effective delivery. This involves, in the case of experienced learners, identifying areas where participants require development, such as written communication, presentation, negotiation, grammar or specific foreign language skills related to the client's industry and the individual's position within the client. 

By thoroughly analysing the client's organizational needs, we can tailor a language training program that is both effective and efficient. Once we have collaborated with the client to determine the specifics of their demand and agreed upon the optimal plan to fulfil those requirements, we can confidently launch a reliable program.


We regularly test Polish learners and report the results to the client

We believe the path to success lies in measurable results obtained through understandable goals. From conducting an initial audit to determine individual programmes' goals to regular testing and reporting of results to the client on the universal European scale, monitoring learners' progress is essential to assess the programmes' effectiveness.

This allows ongoing evaluation of the return on the client's investment in language training and fuels correct decision-making regarding further development of language competencies. Our commitment to measurable results ensures our clients receive the highest quality language training programme tailored to their needs.


We support corporate administration

We understand corporate HR procedures and know how important, but also how time-consuming, they are. Hence, we offer regular ROI reporting and, above all, our service can include the comprehensive management of Polish language training programmes. We can cover a range of useful activities for this purpose, such as the following.

  • the organisation and ongoing scheduling of individual and group training

  • administration of the training venues - be it online platforms, or rooms in the client's offices, or the learning space we provide in city centres

  • monitoring and reporting on participant attendance

  • managing the scheduling of individual periodic audits (exams)

  • dedicate a POZENA Language Centre account manager, a single person responsible for the overall cooperation and success of the client


We offer a full range of Polish language training and testing products

At POZENA Multilingual, we take great pride in our comprehensive range of Polish language training products. Our approach is designed to meet our clients' specific needs and budgets, ensuring they receive the optimal training experience. We offer in-person training (in Poland) and online (anywhere).

Our ultra-intensive language training programme is ideal for clients who need to learn languages quickly and effectively. This programme is perfect for those under time constraints who require immediate results. We also offer industry-specific training tailored to meet clients' language needs in specific industries like finance, law, or healthcare.

Our individual and group training programmes are designed to provide customized learning experiences that meet the specific needs of each participant. We understand that learners have different learning styles and preferences, and we offer a variety of training formats, including face-to-face, online, and blended learning options. We aim to provide clients with the most effective foreign language training experience.


We approach Polish learners individually, at a scale

Our comprehensive language training programmes for organisations include individual language learning plans for each participant. These plans outline specific objectives to be achieved during the current period and the strategies to be implemented by the trainer to achieve these goals.

While this may seem challenging, our methods - which include prior learner testing, careful consideration of client's and learner's objectives, competent programme planning, regular feedback collection, trainer oversight and examination and reporting - comprise a package that delivers on this promise. 


We don't just "find you a tutor" and charge you for it

Our service is a comprehensive enterprise package that includes regular methodological supervision.

The design of language testing and training at POZENA Multilingual, as well as the regular supervision of learners' progress and verification of our trainers' work, is carried out by our experienced methodologists. This ensures the quality of the product and the fulfilment of our commitments to the client.

Professional methodological supervision is essential when developing an effective language training programme for an organisation. An experienced methodologist will develop a curriculum based on the objectives and needs of the corporate client, as well as monitor the quality of the training, the use of modern teaching methods and the provision of learning materials. 


Our team of Polish language experts is hand-picked and skilfully managed

The selection process for our lecturers is thorough: it consists of no less than five stages.  

Our lecturers are experienced and cultured, and they understand how to work for business clients. This is crucial to the training programme's success, and we spare no effort in curating the right team. Then, we also listen to clients' feedback. Careful selection of Polish lecturers and ongoing evaluation of their work enables the quality of teaching to be maintained and the goals set by the client to be achieved. Managing a team of lecturers also includes planning schedules, matching lecturers to participants' needs and changing lecturers. 


Professional Polish Training
for Your Organization

 We will be delighted to discuss your corporate requirements for professional Polish Language training. Please schedule your free consultation today.


Professional Polish language training:
frequently asked questions


Professional Polish Training
for your organization

 We will be delighted to discuss your corporate requirements for professional Polish Language training. Please schedule your free consultation today.

POZENA ATC Supplier of the Year

The kindness and appreciation expressed by clients daily bring us immense joy. Feedback shapes our formula and motivates us to strive for continuous improvement, learning and effort.

We are incredibly proud when our daily work leads to prestigious global recognition. POZENA Multilingual was recently Commended at the grand annual gala of the Association of Translation Companies, one of the world's preeminent language industry organizations. We are immensely thankful for this gesture of peer recognition.