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InDesign file formats for translation


.indd file translations (InDesign Document) 

INDD is a "native" Adobe InDesign file format that contains all project information, including text, images, layers, and document structures.

The translation of .indd files is done using the latest CAT-class industry tools so that the translator can easily translate the text while preserving the formatting and layout of the original. Thanks to working with .indd files directly in professional industry tools, we provide the customer with all the modern advantages of these tools, such as controlled quality, vocabulary consistency, professional speed and also an attractive price thanks to the database of all previous translations of the regular customer. 


we offer the customer all the modern advantages of these tools, such as controlled quality, vocabulary consistency, professional speed and very attractive price thanks to the database of all previous translations


.idml file translations (InDesign Markup Language)

IDML is an XML-based InDesign file format that is compatible with different versions of the program. The translation of the .idml file also involves the use of modern industry tools. This format is often not the end product of the customer. It may be less useful because it does not contain all the audiovisual components of the project but only has links to their external locations. It is characterized by a minimum file size while maintaining its core functionality and can be converted back to .idml. 


.inx file translation (InDesign Interchange)

INX is an older XML-based InDesign file format that was used before the introduction of the IDML format. Translation of INX files is currently less frequent due to the improved compatibility and functionality of the IDML format.


.pdf file translation (Portable Document Format)

PDF is a very commonly used file format that allows you to maintain the original formatting and layout of the document, regardless of the software or operating system used.

Of course, the .pdf format is mainly known for Acrobat, not InDesign. However, these are the systems of the same manufacturer - Adobe - and the links between the two formats are particularly close, as .indd is a professional format requiring the opening of relatively expensive and specialized InDesign software, while .pdf can be opened free of charge by any office computer user in the world; at the same time, .pdf provides extensive further functionality for opening control, security, appearance, and many other aspects of file management. Therefore, projects created professionally in .indd format are often eventually converted, using Adobe InDesign software, to .pdf format for compatibility and easy publication. 

Due to the professional functionality of .indd files (Adobe InDesign), we strongly prefer to translate .indd rather than their resulting .pdf - which is surprising to many clients, as .indd is considered a much more difficult format to work with.


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What does it take to translate your Adobe InDesign files?


In an age of globalization and increasing competition in international markets, professional translation of marketing and technical materials is crucial for success. By translating the materials into different languages, organizations can reach a wider audience, so increasing their presence in foreign markets.

Adobe InDesign, one of the most popular design and publishing tools, is a software widely used by graphic studios, corporations, and other organizations to create quality materials. 


Types of translated InDesign projects

Adobe InDesign files that may require professional translation include:

  • The Translation of InDesign Brochures and Product Catalogues

  • Translation of InDesign Marketing materials such as leaflets or banners

  • Translation of InDesign Annual and financial reports

  • Translation of InDesign Operating Instructions and Technical Documentation

  • Translation of InDesign Training and e-learning materials

  • Translation of InDesign Magazines and industry publications

  • Translation of InDesign Books and e-books


Knowledge of DTP tools and technologies

Professional translation of InDesign files goes beyond just language proficiency. It requires a deep understanding of DTP (desktop publishing) tools and the underlying technology. This is where the POZENA Multilingual truly excels. Our team has the required technical knowledge and practical experience working with Adobe InDesign and other DTP software, allowing them to translate your materials while maintaining the original layout, formatting, and graphic elements.

We understand the importance of preserving your original text's essence and tone while ensuring the translated materials are culturally appropriate and resonate with your target audience. We work closely with you to ensure the translated documents are technically accurate and visually appealing.

With our expertise in DTP tools and technologies, we can provide you with a seamless translation experience. Our team can handle any InDesign project, regardless of complexity or size. Whether you need the translation of a brochure, product catalogue, marketing material, annual report, operating instructions, technical documentation, training material, magazine, or book - we have you covered.


Terminology management

Terminology management and vocabulary consistency are key components for the professional translation of Adobe InDesign files. This is universally true in any of our many other professional translation services - but in the case of projects based on InDesign files our combined Desktop Publishing and multilingual translation expertise creates an opportunity to give clients simply astonishing value. 

We fine-tune translations using the specific terminology used by our clients (if only advised) and their industry. We can work closely with clients to develop and implement modern tools and terminology databases to create precise, consistent, and understandable translations for the target audience.

Our team of experts is equipped with the latest technology and resources to manage and maintain accurate terminology throughout the translation process. We understand that even a small inconsistency in terminology can impact the quality of the translation and lead to confusion among the audience. Therefore, we pay attention to details and ensure that our translations are consistent with the client's terminology, style, and tone.

At POZENA Multilingual, we believe that terminology management is the key to providing high-quality translations that meet the needs of our clients. We strive to provide accurate and consistent translations that convey the intended message to the target audience. Our focus on terminology management ensures that our translations are precise, understandable, and effective in delivering the intended message.

Three specific "terminology" services can be considered for your InDesign translation project. Please read more about these here. 


Localization of .indd translations

Professional translation of Adobe InDesign files should also consider the location, i.e., adapting the content to the recipients' cultural, linguistic and market specifics in a given country.

We can "localize" materials for various markets, allowing them to create translations that reflect the spirit of the original while being understandable and attractive to local audiences in the indicated languages and geographical areas. For example, the localization for the US market will differ significantly from that for the United Kingdom. 


Multilingual support for InDesign translations

POZENA Multilingual offers professional translation of Adobe InDesign files in all languages, which allows you to support a wide range of international projects.

Thanks to a team of qualified project managers, translators and other specialists, we perform improved translations within deadlines and the agreed budget.


Collaboration with other specialists

Professionally translating Adobe InDesign files often requires cooperation with other specialists, such as software engineers, graphic designers, editors and proofreaders. We can assemble the correct multi-disciplinary team to deliver quality and comprehensive services. 


The translation process for .indd files

The professional process of translating Adobe InDesign files involves several steps, such as document analysis, file engineering, translating, reviewing, editing, proofreading and quality control. We have tried & tested methods that deliver punctuality, quality and client satisfaction with these complex multimedia projects. 


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Client Benefits of Professional Adobe InDesign Translations 


POZENA Multilingual offers high-quality translation services and terminology essential for creating coherent, attractive and understandable materials for an international audience. Thanks to their broad technical, linguistic and cultural knowledge, POZENA specialists strive to provide translations that increase the reach, strengthen the brand image and increase competitiveness in foreign markets. Organizations save time and resources by using professional translation services while focusing on growing their business.


Looking after client brand image

Professional translation of Adobe InDesign files helps to strengthen the brand image by presenting it as professional, reliable and oriented to the needs of an international audience. High-quality translations build trust among recipients and translate into greater interest in the company's offer.

The specific components of taking care of the customer's brand image in the case of translation of .indd files are the fast time to market, the correct industry and company vocabulary, the skilful localization for cultures and geographical areas, the comprehensive translation of audiovisual components, as well as the option of high-quality graphic design.


Supporting marketing conversion with .indd translations

Thanks to professional translations of Adobe InDesign files, clients reach a wider audience, which leads to increased reach, especially in international markets.

In the language of Marketing, one observes that the primary marketing tool of most organizations nowadays is the website (we will be delighted to localize that, too).


This leaves your elaborate offline content, like your beautiful .indd / .pdf assets, to the domain of in-depth, insightful content which is consumed by the most interested section of your audience, further along their journey with your brand experience. Therefore, professional InDesign translations belong at the advanced, high-stakes stage of the "sales funnel", and are a key contributor to supporting prospect conversion. 

This is why the translations of your Adobe InDesign content must be complete and of high quality, and their graphic design should be perfect. 


Saving time and resources with InDesign translations

By commissioning a professional translation of Adobe InDesign files to the POZENA Multilingual Team which includes many functions such as project manager, translator, reviewer, locator, DTP engineer, and graphic designer clients save time and resources that they can spend on strategic activities.


High quality and punctuality of .indd translations

Simply, we offer high-quality and punctual Adobe InDesign translation services. These are not rocket science, perhaps.

But this does require expertise, training, proven processes, up-to-date tools, effects of scale and a team of broad competencies. Thus, it may be reasonable that the process of producing translations that are fast, precise, consistent and in line with your expectations is considered for outsourcing to a friendly specialist.  


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POZENA ATC Supplier of the Year

The kindness and appreciation expressed by clients daily bring us immense joy. Feedback shapes our formula and motivates us to strive for continuous improvement, learning and effort.

We are incredibly proud when our daily work leads to prestigious global recognition. POZENA Multilingual was recently Commended at the grand annual gala of the Association of Translation Companies, one of the world's preeminent language industry organizations. We are immensely thankful for this gesture of peer recognition.