Translations of technical texts are an important branch of specialized translations. Although technical texts are less complex in terms of grammar (e.g. the use of command mode forms often characterizes the language of instruction manuals), the proper translation of professional terminology may be a considerable challenge.

The degree of difficulty of technical content may vary depending on the intended recipient. Texts addressed to a wide audience (e.g. instructions for the use of popular household appliances) are characterized by a simpler design than texts saturated with complicated terminology addressed to specialists in a given engineering field. A good translator of technical texts should take this perspective into account.

The translation of technical texts is also related to the location – adaptation of the text and its graphic elements to the realities of the countries where the target language is used. Such texts often have an extremely important utility function: a correctly translated description of the functioning of a given product will ensure its proper use on the target market.

POZENA's translators and reviewers are experienced specialists who consider the above assumptions in their work. In addition to excellent knowledge of the source and target languages, they have expert knowledge of a specific technology field. These are usually people with engineering education. To support technical translations, we also have appropriate facilities for processing text, diagrams and graphics, in which they abound.


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Technical translations user manuals

Professional translations of user manuals are essential for companies producing machines, devices or software. Cooperation with experienced translators ensures that the materials received will be understandable and precise for end users. POZENA offers technical translation services from qualified translators with industry knowledge and experience translating user manuals. Our experts know the specifics of individual fields and technical language, translating into high-quality messages. We provide punctuality and flexibility to adapt to the requirements of our customers.

Technical translations of technical documentation

Technical documentation is integral to every industrial product, from construction machinery to advanced IT systems. Translations of such documents require both precision and technical knowledge on the translator's part. POZENA offers professional translations of technical documentation, considering each industry's specifics. We work with experts who have experience in translating documentation, as well as knowledge of technical terminology. Thanks to this, the customer receives a high-quality translation that meets the expectations of even the most demanding recipients.

Translations of technical specifications

Technical specifications are an important element of many projects, describing the requirements for products or systems in detail. Therefore, their professional translation is crucial for properly understanding and performing a given task. POZENA offers high-level translations of technical specifications, thanks to cooperation with translators with experience in such projects. We translate specifications for both small and large enterprises from various sectors of the economy. We ensure that each translation is accurate and consistent with the original, which allows us to succeed in the implementation of technical projects.

Technical translations of safety data sheets

Safety data sheets are important for any company dealing with the production, storage or transport of chemical substances. They contain important information on chemical properties, hazards and precautions which affect workers' safety and the environment's protection. POZENA offers translation services of safety data sheets, ensuring high quality and compliance with legal regulations. Our translators have experience in the chemical industry and are aware of their responsibility when executing such orders. Thanks to their professionalism, our translations increase companies' security level.

Technical translations of assembly/installation instructions

Precise translations of assembly and installation instructions are crucial for properly functioning machines, equipment and systems. Mistakes in translations can lead to misunderstandings, failures or even accidents. We know this responsibility, so we offer professional translations of assembly and installation instructions from experienced translators with technical knowledge. Our services cover various fields, such as industry, construction or energy. We guarantee high-quality and timely translation, which allows our clients to implement new technology solutions efficiently.

Technical translations of patent documentation

Patent documentation is key in applying for patents and protecting intellectual property. Professional translation of such documents is essential for the proper protection of inventions in the international arena. POZENA provides translation services for patent documentation while maintaining the highest standards. We cooperate with translators specializing in patent law, who perfectly understand the requirements set by patent offices and the need to convey the content of original documents accurately.

Technical translations of tender documentation

Professional translation of tender documentation can be crucial for participating in international tenders and winning new contracts. POZENA offers high-quality translations of tender documentation that will help companies successfully compete in foreign markets. Our translators have experience working with tender documents, which allows them to accurately translate their content while maintaining the terminology and formalities required by various institutions. We guarantee the timely execution of orders, which enables our clients to participate efficiently in tender procedures.

Technical translations of quality certificates

Quality certificates are necessary for many companies that want to prove their reliability and compliance with quality standards and standards. The translation of such documents must be accurate and faithfully convey their content so as not to create confusion or misunderstandings. POZENA specializes in translating quality certificates, considering industry specifics and international standards. We have translators with experience in translating certificates and know the requirements of various certification organizations. Our services guarantee that the translations received will be accurate and reliable.

Technical translations of product catalogues

Product catalogues are an important marketing element for many companies, allowing them to present their offer attractively and convincingly. Professional translation of product catalogues is crucial to present the offer to foreign customers comprehensibly and eye-catching. In the POZENA we offer translations of product catalogues, carried out by translators with experience in working with marketing materials and knowledge of industry specifics. Our translations are not only precise but also consider the cultural differences and expectations of the recipients, which translates into the effectiveness of marketing communication.

Technical translations of cost estimates

Accurate and understandable translation of cost estimates can be crucial for implementing international projects and cooperation with foreign partners. We offer translation services of cost estimates prepared by experienced translators with technical knowledge and knowledge of construction, engineering or economic terminology. Thanks to our professionalism, you will receive a translation that will be precise, understandable and in accordance with applicable standards. We ensure the timely delivery of projects, allowing our clients to cooperate efficiently with foreign partners.


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Translations of technical descriptions

Technical descriptions are key in designing, manufacturing or implementing various technological solutions. Cooperation with experienced translators guarantees precise and understandable translations of technical descriptions necessary to transfer information between teams or business partners effectively. Our services include translations of technical descriptions from many fields, such as construction, energy, telecommunications or the automotive industry. Thanks to the high competence of our translators, we ensure compliance with the original and industry terminology.

Technical translations of construction diagrams for 

equipment and machinery

Precise translation of equipment and machinery construction diagrams is essential for the efficient transmission of technical information and proper communication between design teams, engineers and manufacturers. POZENA offers professional translations of equipment and machinery construction schemes carried out by translators with experience working with this type of documentation. We guarantee high-quality of translations, taking into account industry specificity and technical terminology, which translates into efficient communication and proper functioning of engineering projects.

Technical translation of test specifications

Test specifications are necessary documents in the process of verification and validation of various products or systems. Professional translation of test specifications is crucial for their proper understanding and for carrying out control procedures. POZENA provides translations of test specifications that are accurate and consistent with the original documents, thanks to experienced translators with technical and industry knowledge. Our offer includes translations of test specifications from various fields, such as electronics, pharmacy or the automotive industry, which translates into versatility and professionalism of services.

Technical translations of user manuals and manuals

Instruction and user manuals are essential to ensure proper use and safe operation of equipment and systems. POZENA, we offer professional translations of user manuals and user manuals that guarantee clarity and precision of information transmission. Our translators have experience working with various technical documents, allowing them to convey the content and terminology properly. Translations are tailored to the expectations of recipients from different countries, taking into account cultural and linguistic aspects, which contribute to increasing user satisfaction.

Technical translations of management system documentation

Documentation of management systems, such as ISO or HACCP, plays a key role in the certification and quality control processes in companies. Professional translation of this documentation is essential for effectively implementing and applying management systems at the international level. POZENA offers translation services for the documentation of management systems, carried out by experienced translators with specialist knowledge. Our translations comply with applicable standards and regulations, guaranteeing the proper functioning of management systems in different countries.

Technical translation of OHS documentation

Occupational safety and the protection of workers' health are a priority for every company. At POZENA, we provide translation services of OHS documentation, such as instructions, procedures or regulations, which are necessary to maintain high safety standards in international companies and institutions. Experienced professionals do our translations with a deep knowledge of health and safety regulations and can accurately convey their content in different languages. We guarantee that you will receive professional translations that will increase employees' safety and health.

Technical translations of ecological documentation

Environmental and environmental issues are extremely important for modern enterprises that strive for sustainable development. POZENA offers professional translations of environmental documentation, such as reports, analyses or certificates, which are crucial for understanding and applying environmental standards worldwide. We cooperate with translators with specialist knowledge in environmental protection and knowledge of international regulations and standards. Our translations help companies and institutions to comply with environmental requirements and promote sustainability.

Technical translations of standards and norms

Standards and norms are the basis for the functioning of many sectors of the economy, guaranteeing the quality and safety of products and services. Professional translation of standards and norms is essential for understanding and applying these regulations at the international level. We offer translations of standards and norms that are precise, consistent with the original and take into account the specifics of various industries. Translators provide our services with experience in working with standards and knowledge of certification systems, guaranteeing high quality and compliance of translations with requirements.

Technical translations of scientific and technical documentation

Scientific and technical documentation, such as scientific articles, patents or research works, is a source of valuable knowledge for various industries. Professional translation of such documentation is crucial for spreading innovation and international cooperation. POZENA offers translation services of scientific and technical documentation by experienced translators with specialist knowledge and the ability to translate complex issues into different languages. 

Technical translations of training documentation

Training documentation is essential for effectively transferring knowledge and skills to international corporations, institutions and enterprise employees. Professional translation of training materials, such as presentations, textbooks or multimedia materials, is crucial for participants from different countries to understand and assimilate the content. POZENA provides translation services of training documentation, which are carried out by experienced translators with technical knowledge and knowledge of the specifics of various industries. Our translations help in the effective training of employees and improvement of their professional competences.


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