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Employees & Freelancers


Our external full-time recruitment is conducted in response to business requirements. We hire experienced professional linguists, post-editors, reviewers, editors, terminologists, translators, trainers/tutors, interpreters, project managers, account managers, vendor managers and DTP engineers. 

Most full-time POZENA positions are remote, e.g. working from home, with minimum to zero travel. Due to legal & accounting circumstances, we currently ask all full-time applicants to be residents of Poland and speak fluent Polish as the language of business. Review full-time vacancies on the PL version of this page. 


Outstanding experienced Freelance Linguists worldwide are cordially invited to apply anytime using the button below. 


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Undergraduate Interns


The Undergraduate Internship with POZENA Multilingual may just be the leading initiative of its kind in Poland, having in recent years graduated more than 300 outstanding students.

We work in collaboration with some of the best philology faculties in the country. Most of our interns come from those enjoying exclusive membership in The European Commission's European Masters in Translation Program. We will also consider amazing candidates from outside key partner arrangements.

The program takes 150-600 hours and is tailored to fit the schedules of full-time and part-time students. It involves intensive learning of a modern language company's tools and proceedings.

Please note that there is strictly no translating involved. POZENA Multiligual's commercial linguistic products meet international ISO quality standards defining strict expectations from the linguistic team, which are unfeasible for even the most ambitious student to fulfil. If you are looking for somewhere to try out your translation skills, you are politely requested to avoid disappointment by not applying.  

To successful applicants, the Program offers inspiring daily challenges. The reward for your diligent learning and hard work is an invaluable opportunity to experience the dynamics of a modern organization in your future career industry.

The Program is conducted online and runs continuously throughout the year. We welcome outstanding philology undergrads who are residents of Poland and speak fluent Polish to apply through the PL version of this page.